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Your talent. Global impact.

Condor Camp is an annual immersion for highly talented young university students to discuss the world's most pressing problems and the future of humanity, and to hone the skills needed to solve them.

Our next edition will take place in February 2024 in Mexico City.

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November 21


December 3rd


December 15


January 5th



Our program

With a focus on Artificial Intelligence security and governance, Condor Camp creates opportunities for you to learn, discuss and develop frameworks and techniques for effectively assessing complex problems, prioritizing actions and making informed decisions, skills for collaborative contexts, career planning, increasing your impact, and action plans for using it all :)
Made for you
For Brazilian university students, from any course, between 20 and 26 years old
(if you believe that you are an excellent fit even if you are outside this profile, please apply! We'll be happy with your initiative).
Date & place
February 2024,
in Mexico City, MX

Free of charge
The program is completely free for participants

But, like, REALLY free of charge
In addition to the program, your travel, food, accommodation and materials are included
Focused on community
Talk to many talented and inspiring participants and speakers from different fields
Several activities that will extensively develop yourself, and increase your professional impact

Our program

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
- AI Safety Career Planning Workshop
- Networking
- Team building games &
Lightning Talks
- Teach Each Other
- AI Safety Masterclass
Technical & Governance
- Networking with speakers
- Career coaching
- Panel discussion: Careers
- AI Safety Masterclass
Technical & Governance
- Networking with speakers
- Career coaching
- Q&A with Guest Speakers
- Project Management
- Make your own project!
- Work on your project &
Office hours
- Career networking
- Project wrap-up
- Present your impactful project 
- Your progress, actionable tracking & next steps
- Celebration :)
Join us

Our philosophy


Our purpose is to maximize the production of positive impact on the well-being of all beings, including future generations.

Scientific rigor and humility

We recognize that improving the future of humanity is a great intellectual challenge that requires rigor, method, and the humility to admit uncertainties and mistakes along the way.


We seek to maximize the
well-being of all conscious beings, regardless of who they are, where they live, and when they will be alive.
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