Ways to change the future of humanity
Condor Camp is an annual immersion for highly talented university students to discuss the world's most pressing problems, the future of humanity, and hone the skills needed to solve these problems. Our first edition took place from July to August 2022, in Cusco, Peru.

If all goes well, human history is just beginning...


Our Program

With seminars, workshops and discussions regarding the world's most pressing problems - focusing on artificial intelligence security, and also covering pandemics, biosecurity, global health and poverty, and animal welfare - and how to solve them, Condor Camp is an annual immersion for highly talented young college students, where we cover philosophical foundations and highly transferable skills, such as:
emerging technologies and global risks;
assessment and decision-making tools;
project management; and, most importantly;
ways to engage professionally with these pressing problems.

Our Philosophy

Long-term impact

Our main purpose is to maximize the production of positive impact on the well-being of all, including future generations.

Scientific rigor and humility

We recognize that improving the future of humanity is a great intellectual challenge that requires rigor, method, and the humility to admit uncertainties and mistakes along the way.

Impartial altruism

We want to maximize the well-being of all sentient beings, regardless of who they are, where they live, and when they will be alive.
"If all goes well, human history is just beginning.
Earth will remain habitable for hundreds of millions more-enough time for millions of future generations; enough to end disease, poverty and injustice forever; enough to create heights of flourishing unimaginable today. Yet Humanity lacks the maturity, coordination and foresight necessary to avoid making mistakes from which we could never recover.

So over the next few centuries, humanity will be tested: it will either act decisively to protect itself and its longterm potential, or, in all likelihood, this will be lost forever."

Toby Ord

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